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South Africa

I’m going to write this in english since this keyboardlayout is what it is.. :P

Anyways… South Africa!

This has been a great week so far. Let me recap.
We’ve been to so many different restaurants and I must say that the food down here is just wonderful. I haven’t been let down once. Great meat, awesome sea food and well… If you thought I was fat before.

The football game between Uruguay and Netherlands were an experience all on it’s own. To see WC game up close and to feel the atmosphere from the supporters, it’s just hard to get that feel anywhere else. 90 minutes of solid wonder.

We’ve been to Langa to meet the people who live in the sheds out there. We were there to play football against their local team and to donate computers and clothes to the kids. The people out there are just wonderful. Always greeting you with a smile on their face welcoming you into their home.

Wine tasting is usually ok.. but this, this was just frakkin awesome! In Sweden, when someone says “You want to come home with me for some brai” It means something totally different. Here brai pretty much means “to grill”. And grilled they did allright! They grilled two and I say TWO whole sheep for us AND we got to try some great wines.

Yesterday I traveled to Robben Island where Mandela was prisoned for 18 years. Enough said.

I really should have gone with the others to Cape Good Hope but.. to late to change that now right? :P Or is it…?


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